How to fight the flu naturally

Don’t Be a Statistic This Winter.

influenzafigure1We see it all the time in the news and in ads – FLU SEASON IS HERE! During October through May, the N.C. Division of Public Health provides weekly updates on the spread of influenza in North Carolina. According to the latest state statistics, we have already seen 2 flu-related deaths this season. We’re going to talk about things you can do naturally to fight the flu.

What to look for:

Not every cold is the flu, so knowing the symptoms of influenza is just as important as knowing how to protect against it.

Flu symptoms include:

  • A 100 F or higher fever or feeling feverish (not everyone with the flu has a fever)
  •  A cough and/or sore throat
  • A runny or stuffy nose
  • Headaches and/or body aches
  • Chills
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea (most common in children)


What’s the danger?

According to Harvard Health Publications, 36,000 people will die from pneumonia and influenza, and more than 200,000 people will be hospitalized. These numbers are quite misleading and mostly influenza-related deaths. The CDC states, “only a small proportion of deaths in either of these two categories are estimated to be influenza-related. CDC estimated that only 8.5% of all pneumonia and influenza deaths and only 2.1% of all respiratory and circulatory deaths were influenza-related.”
So why are we being told the flu is killing people by the thousands? Well, that’s due to the CDC blending pneumonia and influenza statistics together. Often labeled P&I, pneumonia is the more dangerous infection and can be life-threatening to special populations, like children, elderly and immune-compromised people.

So what can you do?

Prevention is always the best medicine! Staying healthy is easier than getting healthy. The best ways to stay healthy is doing things to support your immune system like getting proper nutrition, exercise and getting adjusted.

Chiropractic and The Flu: A History Lesson

Chiropractic adjusting alone has some great historic data on getting people through the deadliest flu outbreak in modern times, the Spanish Flu. The Spanish of 1918 killed between 20 – 50 million people worldwide. The fascinating facts surrounding that outbreak was that people seeing chiropractors were spared more often than not! Now, this is before the use of penicillin and the numbers here in the states are staggering: In Davenport, Iowa 50 medical doctors treat 4,953 cases with 274 deaths, while 150 doctors of chiropractic saw 1,635 cases with only one death. National figures show that 1,142 chiropractors cared for 46,394 cases of people with influenza during 1918 with the loss of only 54 patients, on one of every 859 cases. In New York City alone 950 out of 10,000 cases, or 25 out of 10,000, died under the care of medical doctors. Chiropractic is not only preventative but also a good first-line treatment for influenza.

The Sunlight Connection

Macrophage killing a virus

Macrophage killing a virus

Another effective way to prevent and treat the flu is Vitamin D, specifically Vitamin D, 1,25(OH)2D. I tell my clients all the time, “The flu doesn’t migrate here with the weather gets colds. It’s because the sun isn’t up as long.” That’s because we make out Vitamin D in our skin using sunlight. An article published in Epidemiological Infection Biotics Research Bio-D-Mulsion Forteeven goes so far to admit the flu may be caused by the lack of Vitamin D alone, and that studies showed that “Vitamin D reduces the incidence of respiratory infections in children.” Vitamin D causes something called and oxidative burst that increases the potential of certain white blood cells called macrophages while preventing excessive inflammation. The authors go on to point out something even more significant, “it dramatically stimulates the expression of potent anti-microbial peptides, which exist in neutrophils, monocytes, natural killer cells, and in epithelial cells lining the respiratory tract where they play a major role in protecting the lung from infection.”

Remember: It’s not the flu virus that will kill special populations, it’s the pneumonia infections in the lungs that do.

Not only a great treatment option, but Vitamin D has clinically been shown to prevent influenza infections. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition titled Randomized trial of vitamin D supplementation to prevent seasonal influenza A in schoolchildren, showed children given Vit D supplements were less likely to get infected when compared to the control group. The Cochrane Database Review even suggests that Vitamin D therapy is much more effective against the flu when compared to influenza vaccines:

“Influenza vaccines have a modest effect in reducing influenza symptoms and working days lost. There is no evidence that they affect complications, such as pneumonia, or transmission.

WARNING: This review includes 15 out of 36 trials funded by industry (four had no funding declaration). An earlier systematic review of 274 influenza vaccine studies published up to 2007 found industry funded studies were published in more prestigious journals and cited more than other studies independently from methodological quality and size. Studies funded from public sources were significantly less likely to report conclusions favorable to the vaccines….”

The research went to compare the vaccine’s effects on both populations most affected by the disease, children and elderly. You can read more here, and here.

Iodine, zinc and colloidal silver.


Iodine? That stuff mom used to put on our cuts? Yep, that’s the stuff! Iodine works topically because it is a powerful antiseptic that is safe. It kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, and even spores of bacteria and fungi, including anthrax spores. Iodine is very against influenza, herpes, small pox, and chicken pox viruses. We’ve known this for 150 years too, but what makes it effective against the flu is because iodine like to be in certain areas of the body; Besides the thyroid (main user of iodine in the body), iodine has an affinity for sinus membranes, stomach, and lungs – All those places the flu virus likes too!

Colloidal Silver

Long before antibiotics, we had silver. Silver is a great anti-microbial, and due to that reason many surgical tools are silver. Colloidal silver is small, nano-particles of the metal suspended in a liquid. It has several great mechanisms that help fight infections, internally as well as topically. Mostly an antibiotic against bacterial infections, colloidal silver destroys the energy-making processes in viruses. In 2011 the National Institutes for Health stated in a clinical study showed 90% recovery in a group of 100 children under 12.


Zinc is another great natural product that can prevent colds and flu. According to the NIH zinc taken within 25 hrs. after symptoms start will help reduce the length of the infection when taken orally. Intranasal zinc is not the best for this and can lead to loss of smell. When taken orally, zinc’s worst side effect is some gastrointestinal issues – and this is only with cheaper types of zinc, not the chelated types you would find in a healthcare office. Zinc also has added benefits too! Zinc helps regulated blood sugar, improved stomach acid problems, and is essential for men’s health.


Nobody wants to get sick. This winter you should think about natural ways you can avoid the flu and seasonal colds. All of here at Advanced Chiropractic will be happy answer your questions and talk to you about the products we have to help. We have even gone so far to make our own flu-busting nasal spray with iodine and colloidal silver as the active ingredients. Check out the special we’re having on our spray and Biotics Research Vitamin D-Mulsion Forte.

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